"AdjibarHighSchool.net" is a full-stack student community forum designed to facilitate discussions and questions related to learning. With over 1000 users, the platform provides a collaborative environment where students can seek help and exchange knowledge with teachers and classmates. By leveraging modern web technologies and microservices architecture, "AdjibarHighSchool.net" fosters a supportive learning community and enhances academic success for students.





  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens): Implemented for secure user authentication, ensuring only authorized users can access the application.
  • Server Configuration

  • Ubuntu Remote Server: Deployed as the remote server environment, providing a stable platform for hosting the application.
  • Nginx: Used as a reverse proxy server and load balancer to efficiently distribute incoming traffic.
  • Cloud Service Provider

  • Hostinger VPS Hosting: Leveraged for reliable hosting services, ensuring high availability and scalability for the application.
  • Functionality

    Student Community Forum

  • Facilitates discussions and questions related to learning, providing a platform for students to seek help and exchange knowledge within the community.
  • Question and Answer System

  • Enables students to ask questions, which can be answered by the community, including teachers and classmates.
  • Knowledge Exchange

  • Fosters a collaborative learning environment by encouraging students to share their expertise and learn from others' contributions.
  • User Authentication

  • Implements JWT for secure user authentication, ensuring that only registered users can access the platform's features.
  • Scalability and Performance

  • Utilizes microservices architecture to improve scalability and performance, allowing the application to handle a large number of users and interactions effectively.
  • Agile Development

  • Adopts agile development methodology for project management, ensuring continuous iteration and improvement based on user feedback and evolving requirements.