The "All Star Cab and Auto Care" project aimed to revolutionize organizational services by implementing a comprehensive software solution. This full-stack solution was designed to enhance both customer and employee management within the company. By automating various processes, the software significantly improved service efficiency and overall business performance.





  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens): Implemented for secure user authentication, ensuring only authorized users can access the system.
  • Server Configuration

  • Ubuntu Remote Server: Deployed as the remote server environment, providing a stable platform for hosting the application.
  • Nginx: Used as a reverse proxy server and load balancer to efficiently distribute incoming traffic.
  • Cloud Service Provider

  • Hostinger VPS Hosting: Leveraged for reliable hosting services, ensuring high availability and scalability for the application.
  • Functionality

    The "All Star Cab and Auto Care" software solution offers a wide range of functionalities, including:

    Employee Management

    Customer Management

    Business Growth

  • Adoption of an agile strategy, resulting in a 26.3% increase in business sales and a 20% profit increment compared to the previous year.