The "Amazon Clone" project is a demonstration of expertise in e-commerce software development, showcasing the ability to replicate the functionality of a popular online marketplace. Built using Firebase functions, React.js, and Express, the app features essential e-commerce functionalities such as product search, cart management, checkout, and order tracking. Leveraging Firebase authentication and Stripe payment integration, the project emphasizes security and seamless user experience. While not a real-world application, the "Amazon Clone" serves as a testament to the developer's proficiency in building scalable and feature-rich e-commerce platforms.


Cloud Service Provider

  • Firebase single web hosting: Leveraged for reliable hosting services, ensuring high availability and scalability for the application.
  • Functionality

    Product Search

  • Allows users to search for products within the app, enhancing the shopping experience and enabling quick access to desired items.
  • Add to Cart

  • Enables users to add products to their shopping cart for later purchase, providing convenience and flexibility in managing their selections.
  • Checkout

  • Facilitates the checkout process, allowing users to review their selected items, enter shipping and payment details, and complete the purchase.
  • Stripe Payment Integration

  • Integrates Stripe payment gateway for secure and seamless transactions, ensuring a smooth payment experience for users.
  • Order Management

  • Provides functionality for users to view their order history, track the status of their orders, and manage returns or cancellations.