The "Teshome Charity Foundation" project is a personal endeavor aimed at creating a positive impact in regions heavily affected by conflict and drought. With a heartfelt commitment to rebuilding hope and opportunities, I embarked on this journey to support individuals and families facing adversity. Through the implementation of a comprehensive software solution, the project facilitates event management, fundraising, and donation collection. resulted in a 19% increase in donation income compared to last year, enhancing community support and achieving fundraising goals.


Front End

  • HTML5: Employed for structuring the content of the web pages, providing semantic markup for accessibility and search engine optimization.
  • CSS: Used for styling and layout, enhancing the visual presentation and user experience of the web application.
  • Payment Gateway

  • Stripe Payment Gateway: Integrated for secure and efficient donation collection, ensuring seamless transactions for supporters.
  • Cloud Service Provider

  • Hostinger single web Hosting: Leveraged for reliable hosting services, ensuring high availability and scalability for the application.
  • Functionality

    Event Management

  • Implemented functionality for creating and managing events, enabling the foundation to organize various activities and initiatives.
  • Fundraising and Donation Collection

  • Utilized Stripe payment gateway to facilitate secure and convenient donation collection, allowing supporters to contribute to the foundation's cause online.
  • Community Empowerment

  • Provided a platform for individuals and families affected by conflict and drought to access necessary resources and support.
  • Empowered communities to rebuild and thrive by providing them with the necessary support and resources needed to overcome challenges.
  • Resource Allocation

  • Enabled the foundation to allocate resources towards reconstructing damaged healthcare and educational facilities in regions highly affected by conflict and drought.